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New Arrivals

If you are interested in any kids on this page, please contact me at

Breedings are posted on the kidding schedule.

Fairland Farm MR Honey Bee

CH Little Tots Estate Dan’l Boone

Kidded 12-16-14 with

Bleat N Teat DB Sophia

Buckskin Doeling ~ Sold JC

Bleat N Teat DB Zoey

Chocolate Buckskin Doeling ~ Sold JC

Farm Oldesouth Sweet Donna


Kidded 1-16-15 with

Chocolate Buckskin Doeling ~ Retained

Gotta B Kid N Liguria

Oldesouth Black Panther *S

Kidded 1-21-15 with

M&M Acres BP Mardi Gras

Black Doeling ~ Retained

J-Nels SM White Christmas

J-Nels LY King Klarence

Kidded 1-23-15 with

M&M Acres KK Samuel Adams

Gold with White Buckling ~ Retained

M&M Acres KK Spring Break

Gold & White Doeling ~ SOLD CM

Sun-Bleached Lunar Sinsation

Blue-Eyes & Moonspots

Proctor Hill Farm Gold Member *S AI

Kidded 2-13-15 with

M&M Acres GM …

F3 ~ Black & White Buckling ~ SOLD RE

M&M Acres GM Bootlegger

F4 ~ Blue-Eyed White & Chocolate Buckling

M&M Acres GM …

F5 ~ Roan Chamoisee & White Doeling ~ Sale Pending JB

Viking’s BM Hazel

Oldesouth Black Panther *S

Kidded 4-3-15 with

M&M Acres BP …

Doeling SOLD

M&M Acres BP Deja Vu

Doeling SOLD TE

M&M Acres BP …

Doelings SOLD TE

M&M Acres BP Midnight Ryder

Buckling Retained